Parallel twin screw barrel for twin-screw extruder machine

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  • Application:
    For the production of pipes, profiles, sheets, such as SPC floor, PVC wall board, PVC wood plastic, PE wood plastic, high molecular sheet, baking-free brick plate, high calcium plate, high calcium pipes, high calcium profiles, soft PVC sheet, PVC foam board, PP, PE, ABS, PVC, granulation and etc.


    Screw diameter: Φ45mm-Φ200mm, L/D ratio from 16-45.
    we can produce twin parallel screw and barrel for all brand extrusion, experienced engineer can be sent to your factory for measuremnt.


    1: Nitriding quality------ base material: 38CrMoAlA(JIS SACM645)
    2: Bimetallic quality-----Good abrasive& corrosive resistance.


    Heat treatment:
    Advance hardening and tempering
    Nitriding treatment


    Advantages of bimetallic parallel twin screw barrel:
    1.Advanced nitriding technology
    2.Duplex alloy spraying technology
    3.High corrosion&abrasion resistance to prolong lifetime of screw and barrel
    4.We use special alloy powders being sprayed and welded on the screw's ridge/flight,and use different alloy and welding methods for the screw of different functions.
    5.For good plasticizing , it has many designs to meet customers' demand . Such as granual type , mutant type , wave type , barrier type , double screen typr ,shunt type , separation type , exhaust type and so on .