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Zhoushan Jingai Alloy Precision Casting Co.,Ltd is China Wholesale Halogen-free screw assembly manufacturers and Halogen-free screw assembly factory, which is specialized in manufacturing precision plastic screw and barrel.Over the years,the main products are Nitriding screw and barrel,bimetallic alloy screw and barrel,stainless steel screw and barrel.fully hardened screw, high-speed tool steel screw and barrel which will be used at extruder and injection molding machine.they are used at extruder,such as single screw barrel,parallel twin-screw barrel,concial twin-screw barrel which used in the production plate,sheet,pipe,blow molding machine,blown film machine,the feed machine,packaging machine,foam machine,granulator,woven wire drawing machine,wire and cable,chemical fiber.etc.


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Halogen-free screw assemblys Industry Knowledge Expansion

Halogen-free screw assemblies are screw assemblies that do not contain halogen elements such as chlorine, bromine, fluorine, and iodine. These types of screw assemblies are used in applications where the use of halogen-containing materials is restricted or prohibited. Halogen-free screw assemblies are typically made from materials that do not contain halogen elements, such as plastics or metals that have been treated to remove halogen contaminants. They are used in a variety of applications, including electronic devices, automotive parts, and construction materials, where the use of halogen-containing materials may pose a risk of fire or other hazards.

What are the advantages of halogen-free screw assembly?
Halogen-free screw assembly has several advantages, including:
1.Environmental safety: Halogen-free materials do not contain halogens, which are elements such as chlorine, bromine, and iodine, that are hazardous to the environment and can contribute to air and water pollution.
2.Fire safety: Halogen-free materials have a lower risk of spreading fire compared to materials that contain halogens, as they emit less toxic fumes and smoke when burned.
3.Health and safety: Halogen-free materials are less hazardous to human health, as they emit fewer toxic fumes and do not release corrosive substances when burned.
4.Recycling: Halogen-free materials are easier to recycle compared to materials that contain halogens, as they do not require special disposal methods.
5.Cost-effectiveness: Halogen-free materials are often less expensive than materials that contain halogens, as they do not require special treatment or disposal methods.