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Zhoushan Jingnai Alloy Precision Casting Co.,Ltd.

Zhoushan Jingai Alloy Precision Casting Co.,Ltd is China Wholesale cylinder liner manufacturers and cylinder liner factory, which is specialized in manufacturing precision plastic screw and barrel.Over the years,the main products are Nitriding screw and barrel,bimetallic alloy screw and barrel,stainless steel screw and barrel.fully hardened screw, high-speed tool steel screw and barrel which will be used at extruder and injection molding machine.they are used at extruder,such as single screw barrel,parallel twin-screw barrel,concial twin-screw barrel which used in the production plate,sheet,pipe,blow molding machine,blown film machine,the feed machine,packaging machine,foam machine,granulator,woven wire drawing machine,wire and cable,chemical fiber.etc.



cylinder liners Industry Knowledge Expansion

A screw barrel cylinder liner is a component of a screw barrel in a plastic extruder. It is a cylindrical tube that is placed inside the screw barrel and serves as a lining or barrier between the screw and the barrel. The purpose of the cylinder liner is to reduce wear on the screw and barrel and to prevent plastic material from coming into direct contact with the metal surfaces of the screw and barrel. It can be made of a variety of materials, such as ceramic, tungsten carbide, or a special alloy, depending on the specific requirements of the application. Cylinder liners are typically replaced when they become worn or damaged, and can be easily removed and replaced as needed.