Screw and Charging Barrel for Halogen-Free Plastic

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  • Product property:
    Spray titanium carbide, tungsten carbide, metallic nickel,
    molybdenum, molybdenum carbide and other alloy powder on the
    screw surface by using the most advanced high temperature, high
    pressure and high speed plasma spray technology and cast them
    on the inner wall of charging barrel by using centrifugal casting
    technology, to ensure the properties of high corrosion resistance and
    wear resistance in producing halogen-free plastic screws and charging
    barrels and extend their service life.
    Product rigidity: HRC60°~62°
    Production range: minφ20mm~maxiφ90mm
    Useful length: 2500mm
    Applicable equipment: injection molding machine, extruder, etc.
    Scope of application: all the halogen-free plastics