Parallel twin screw barrel for plastic extruder machine

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  • Product Name: Parallel twin screw and barrel
    Barrel - Material: 38CrMoAlA high-quality alloy structural steel
    Barrel - Quenched and Tempering Hardness: HB260-280
    Barrel - Nitriding Hardness: HV950±50 degrees
    Barrel - Nitride Layer Depth: 0.4-0.6mm
    Barrel - Brittleness: ≤2 levels
    Screw - Material: 38CrMoAlA high-quality alloy structural steel crown spray-welded nickel-based alloy powder
    Screw - Alloy Thickness: ≥1.5mm
    Screw - Hardness: HRC53-56
    Scope of Application: PA/PET/PP/PE/XLPE/masterbatch,plastic that is not easily decomposed, blended, filled, glass fiber reinforced
    Surface treatments: Including: quenching & tempering, nitriding, hard chrome-plated, bimetallic alloy coating, through hardened.


    Specifications of Parallel twin screw barrel for plastic extruder machine:
    For good plasticizing effect,we have different designs of screw and barrel for extruder machine to meet customer's demand.Our factory manufactures with high-quality material, applying the method of hardening and tempering and nitriding, thus it enjoys the characteristics of long working life, wear resistance, and anti corrosion. Besides, the technique of hard alloy spraying or chrome plating can be used on the working surface of screw, which will make it have better using effectiveness.