Conical twin screw barrel for extrusion machinery

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  • Treatment Process
    - Quenched and tempered
    - Nitriding
    - Hard chrome plating
    - Spray bimetallic layer
    - High frequency quenching
    - Centrifugal casting bimetallic inside
    - Nature hardening


    Specifications: Φ20mm- Φ300mm
    Aspect ratio: L / D = 15-65
    Materials and Technology:
    1. 38CrMoALA nitriding treatment
    Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm, nitriding hardness: HV≥920
    2. 42CrMo Plating: induction hardening + plating / double metal plating PTA +
    Chrome hardness: ≥HV800, thickness 0.03-0.05mm, roughness Ra0.2um
    3. SKD61 quenching, vacuum quenching overall hardening treatment
    Hardness index: HRC> 55-58, straightness 0.015mm / m, roughness Ra0.4um
    4. 9Cr18Mov vacuum hardening, CNC circular grinding
    Hardness index: HRC> 50-55, straightness 0.015mm / m, roughness Ra0.4um
    5. hard chromium plating Specifications:
    Chrome plating thickness: 0.05-0.10mm, chrome layer hardness: HV≥960