What quality problems will occur in the repaired screw barrel?

Update:24 Sep 2021


After the screw and barrel of the repaired or manufactured extruder are assembled, a common quality problem is that the screw has friction on the rotating surface of the barrel, and more serious is that the screw cannot rotate in the barrel. If this quality problem occurs. It can be analyzed and found from the following points.

①The manufacturing accuracy of the barrel or screw is unqualified. It may be that the diameter and size error of the inner hole of the barrel (or the outer circle of the screw) does not match the required tolerance range, there is a large deviation, or their roundness , The cylindricity is seriously out of tolerance.

② After the heat treatment of the slender screw or the inner hole of the barrel, the axis of the shaft will be deformed seriously.

③After assembling the supporting shaft and the screw, the coaxiality error of the axis of the two parts is relatively large.

④The verticality error of the two ends of the connecting part of the barrel and the base or the flange end face and the center line of the inner hole of the barrel is relatively large.