What are the characteristics of the barrel structure of the twin screw extruder?

Update:14 Nov 2020

The structure of the twin-screw extruder barrel is basically similar to that of the single-screw extruder screw barrel. From the appearance and structure, the twin-screw barrel is also divided into an integral barrel and a segmented barrel.

Integral barrels are currently used in many applications. For example, the barrels for intermeshing counter-rotating twin-screw extruders and conical twin-screw extruders are mostly integrated barrel structures.

The segmented combined barrel is used in large twin-screw extruders. The purpose of using this segmented combined barrel is to facilitate the machining of the barrel and save some more expensive alloy steel. On the intermeshing co-rotating twin-screw extruder, the structure of the barrel is mostly segmented. The barrel is composed of several sections of equal length. Some barrel sections have a feed inlet and some barrels are open. Exhaust port or additive port.More about:Parallel twin screw barrel