What are the characteristics of stainless steel anti-theft screws?

Update:06 Aug 2021

We are no strangers to stainless steel anti-theft screws. In fact, the scope of its application is still very common, such as in electronic facilities, railway facilities, highway facilities, urban lighting facilities, and public fitness equipment, you can see the figure of stainless steel counterfeit screws. Then someone may ask, what are the characteristics of stainless steel counterfeit screws?

In general, stainless steel counterfeit screws are also called counterfeit screws. Many businesses now use counterfeit screws to protect their own interests. It is common in outdoor products, because management is prone to abuses, Nitriding screw barrel and the use of counterfeit screws can reduce some losses.

It mainly has the following major characteristics: the structure is simple and novel, and a fastening nut is omitted, so that the fastening and the imitation are integrated. It uses the principle of "reverse locking" to make the performance of the stainless steel counterfeit screw stable, and the counterfeit steel sleeve is used for protection, making it impossible for the thief to start. Loose imitation, self-locking, universal application range, old lines can be reinstalled. Easy to install and use, special page tools are required to adjust freely, which solves the problem that the existing imitation screws are not easy to re-tighten.

To sum up, the stainless steel imitation screw can be adjusted. If you want to remove it, you have to choose the tools on the special page. It is not that easy. As a screw manufacturer with 20 years of experience, our company has enough experience, good screw quality, saves the price difference between the middlemen, and the price is reasonable. You are welcome to inquire!