Method for adjusting screw clearance of counter-rotating conical twin-screw extruder

Update:26 Sep 2021

1. Install the front and rear supports on the barrel and put them on the main frame together with the screw. First, do not install the lock nut, support the manual crank before shaking to move the barrel to the direction of the distribution box to see the barrel stop and the distribution box lip Whether the mouth is at the same level, it is preliminarily judged whether the barrel has reached the machining accuracy;

2. Remove the spline sleeve of the distribution shaft in the distribution box, and use a knife-edge ruler to measure whether the spline of the screw shank is parallel to the spline of the distribution shaft;

3. Put the screw spline into the distribution box distribution shaft spline sleeve and manually turn the motor rotation angle and then remove the spline sleeve and repeat the above measurement steps until it is at the same horizontal position at any angle;

4. Install the screw top shaft into the screw;

5. Put the screw spline into the spline sleeve of the distribution shaft of the distribution box and use the screw top plate to push the two screws to the bottom of the distribution box, and then remove the screw top plate;

6. Place the dial indicator on the small end of the barrel, put the probe head on the head of a screw, and adjust the indicator position to zero;
7. Measure the total clearance of the barrel and screw.