How to set the screw advance time?

Update:26 Jul 2021

The injection cycle refers to the time required for the injection molding machine to complete a specific set of actions. Therefore, the action time of each part may affect the entire cycle time. To achieve the purpose of shortening the cycle time and improving production efficiency, each part of the action should be considered separately to identify the parts that may shorten the time. Can save a little time. Although this saving may be small, bimetallic screw barrel when these times are added together, the time reduction is significant in terms of the overall reduction in percentage.

Dry running time is the time required to complete a complete cycle when the injection molding machine is idling, that is, there is no plastic in the injection molding machine. Regardless of the size and type of the injection molding machine, you should first understand the empty operation of the injection molding machine when you try to change the operation, because it helps the injection molding machine to determine whether a particular injection molding machine is capable of producing or maintaining the output at a high output. . Therefore, before attempting to reduce the operating time, consider whether the operating time can be reduced from the aspects of the injection molding machine's status, duration and idle time.

The time required for the plastic to solidify or harden in the mold depends on many factors, such as the shape of the injection molded part, the wall thickness, the type of plastic, the cooling process of the mold, and the quality requirements of the injection molded part. The cooling time factor is the longest part of the injection molding cycle, but it is the part where significant savings are possible. Although it can be calculated, it is usually determined empirically, such as gradually reducing the cooling time until undeformed injection molded parts are continuously produced. In the cooling stage, it takes enough time to return the screw barrel of the injection molding machine (sometimes called screw reset or metering time) to refill the injection cylinder with plastic (place the injection molded object in the mold again). Otherwise, the injection molding process will not proceed. The main operation of the segmented injection cycle of the injection cycle is divided into: mold closing, injection, cooling, mold opening, and ejection of injection molded parts.