Double alloy material tube

Update:04 Jun 2019

Double alloy material tube is made by centrifugal pouring through the hole in the material tube, suitable for all kinds of plastic tiling and glass fiber, PPA, PPS, LCP, magnetic powder, PEI and other special engineering glue.

Film characteristics:

1. Super hard alloy has high density, low porosity and high hardness.

2, uniform powder heating, residual tension is low.

3, can effectively smooth jet.

4. High corrosion resistance, high abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.

5, high density, thickness of the processed film.

Film density: 98-99.8%

Hardness: HRC62 ~ 68

Alloy powder: carbon tungsten (WC), nickel-based alloy (can also be used to prepare alloy powder of different materials and USES)