Cleaning the screw of the injection molding machine

Update:13 Jul 2021

1. Preparation before cleaning:
1. According to the production plan, confirm the material and color to be produced, and check whether the barrel material on the machine is clean. And figure out the residual material and color in the original screw (that is, the last production) to determine the material used for cleaning the screw (powder is to be used).
2. Clean the worktable of the injection molding machine. No debris is allowed on the injection molding machine table before the screw is washed, so as to prevent the debris from getting into the cake.
3. Set the required washing screw temperature (except for POM, PVC, TPE, TPU, the temperature must be 30 degrees higher than the original screw production temperature), and prepare the tools for separating the material blocks and the pockets that hold the material blocks .

2. Cleaning operation:
1. Check whether the temperature of the material pipe is reached, and check whether the back pressure meets the requirements.
2. Inject the remaining material of the screw into the air and add the cleaning material. The storage is from fast >> slow >> fast >> injection. Pay attention to carefully distinguish the injected materials. When the material is found to be discolored, manually press the screw to exit and then empty the injection. After three or four actions, the material is stored from fast>>slow>>fast>>empty injection, and the screw must be repeated for the above two actions to be truly cleaned. And separate the separated primary colors and miscellaneous waste into different pockets.
3. If you want to produce transparent or crystal white products, you need a machine with a capacity of 250T or more. First, remove the nozzle, burn it with gas, and then clean it with waste oil or cleaning fluid.

1. Set the molding temperature required for the raw materials to be produced
2. Clean the machine, return the remaining raw materials and the divided blocks to the warehouse and powder room
3. Register the weight of raw materials used and waste generated

4. Key points:
1. Reasonably arrange the injection plan, arrange the products of the same color or similar color raw materials on the same machine, so as to achieve "more mold changes and less machine washing".
2. Carefully distinguish the raw materials injected from the material tube. Except for the miscellaneous materials, which are waste materials, the same color and no impurities can basically be recycled and reused.